Living in a house is different than living in an apartment in several ways, but one distinct difference is that you are responsible for more than you would be in an apartment. These are things like pest control, cutting your grass, shoveling snow off your steps and sidewalk.

Tenant Chargeables are costs billed to you for repairs or requests that are not normal property wear and tear handled by Kentuckiana Rentals.  While we cover the big items like roof, furnace and plumbing, here are some items billed to you. Your support in taking care of your home helps us manage costs and resources to serve you better. 






Chirping smoke detectors that need batteries








Pest Control









Clogged toilets due to foreign objects








Drain clogs from excessive hair or weaves









Changing indoor or outdoor light bulbs









Changing locks on your doors









Extra copies or lost keys









Holes in drywall









Broken Windows

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