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Roaches…spiders….and bed bugs Oh My! We hate bugs and all the little pesky varmits that try to make their way into our cozy warm homes to setup their own residence. Check out our newsletter and periodic tips for preventing these pests.

Bug and critter policy

  • Since this is not a multi-family dwelling such as an apartment building, it is the resident’s responsibility to control pests including paying for any pesticide treatments that may be needed.

  • While you occupy the home, it is yours for all intent and purposes. Act like an owner and take good care of it.

  • If you are unable to get the situation under control, or need a list of pest control companies, please contact (502) 709-6001 for a list of pest control companies or locate your own via Google search. 

Helpful Tips:

Focus on knowing the pest in order to prevent pests from getting out of control. If chemicals must be used, always choose less hazardous products. Be sure to read warning labels before using any chemical products.

Step One: Find out what kind of pests you have and where they are coming from. Each pest has different habits so it’s important to “know your enemy!” For rodents and roaches, sticky traps can tell you what and where they are.

Step Two: All pests look for food, water and shelter. If you understand what they want, you can take it away. This is the most important step in prevention!

  • Keep living areas clean and uncluttered.

  • Put food in tightly sealed containers.

  • Keep trash in a closed container.

  • Notify the property manager immediately of any plumbing or water leaks – critters love moisture and dampness

  • Notify the property manager if you see gaps in walls, pipes, pavement and other surfaces where they might be entering.

Step Three: Use traps and baits first, along with less-toxic dusts such as boric acid.

  • Put the bait close to the pest’s hiding place.

  • Do not spray any pesticides.  This will keep the pests away from the bait.

  • Choose and use chemicals very carefully!

  • Read the label – it has valuable information on proper use.

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