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Security Deposits and Move Out


We have been happy to have you and are sad to see you go! In an effort to help make your move-out process go smoothly please review the information below on what is expected.

Your security deposit will be refunded if all the following conditions are met.

  1. Full term of Lease has expired.

  2. No damage to property beyond fair wear-and-tear. Fair wear-and-tear does not include broken screens, doors, blinds, holes in walls, carpet stains and the like.

  3. House interior is broom clean, which means fully cleaned and ready for the next resident. No trash or debris outside.

  4. Refrigerator and stove cleaned.

  5. No stickers, scratches or holes in walls or ceiling. Small nail holes for pictures are permissible.

  6. No indentations in wood or tiled resilient flooring.

  7. All carpets and or hardwood floors should be cleaned and free of trash and personal property.  There shall be no special spotting required. There shall be no tears, stains, burns or any type of damage other than normal use. We recommend vacuuming/mopping weekly.

  8. No delinquent rent or unpaid charges.

  9. All keys are left with representative at time of inspection at move-out.  Security deposit will be forfeited for the failure to return keys.

  10. All debris, rubbish, and discards are placed in the proper rubbish containers.

  11. Leave us your forwarding address

Your security deposit will be sent within 30 days of final inspection to the forwarding address you leave with us.

Move Out Process

Just three easy steps!

  1. Notify us.  Tell us the exact date you plan to move out – send a text or call us at 502-645-6744.

  2. Clean the house per instruction above.

  3. Lock the doors and put the keys in the mailbox.

Any personal belongings left on the property after the stated move-out date will be disposed of. There will only be one inspection performed to evaluate return of your security deposit. No re-inspections.

Security Deposit Policy
When a Landlord can KEEP a Security Deposit

Security deposit art.jpg
  • Additional reasons include non-payment of tenant chargeables during the occupancy of the lease. See Tenant Chargeable items, for which you are billed, at

  • Leaving personal belongings and unwanted items behind in the home or yard after you have moved out. These require us to pay for a dumpster, hauling transportation, and labor to remove. 

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