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We are Pet Friendly and have a Pets-Welcome policy!  However, there are necessary rules to prevent destruction of homes and maintain safe living for the neighbors.

Non-Refundable Pet Deposit – $75

You must submit a photograph of your animal

Limit – 1 dog or 1 cat

Weight Limit – 40lbs

Restrictions –

  • Pets shall not be kept, bred or used for commercial purposes or breeding.

  • Must be confined to your home and not allowed to roam free or be tethered by any means to a stationery post

  • Must not have aggressive or destructive behaviors resulting in harm to others or damage to property. Examples of damage include chewed up baseboards, door trim, carpets, feces and waste on floors, holes in back yard.

  • Residents indemnify Kentuckiana Rentals and any affiliated companies, and hold it harmless against loss or liability of any kind arising from the pet

Enforcement –

  • Scheduled walk-throughs will be conducted

  • Any infractions will be addressed rapidly

  • Resident will be given 30 days to make corrections, including payment for any property repairs needed as assessed by management

  • If not addressed within 30 days, a written notice shall be served that the pet must be removed from premises within 30 days

  • If not addressed, resident eviction proceedings will begin

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