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Brightly Lit Kitchen





   • Kentuckiana Rentals, Inc. will provide a fully working oven in each unit. It is the responsibility of the
      tenant to clean it regularly and take care of it. If repairs are needed, it is a covered service for repair.

      Repairs can be requested by calling the Service Desk at 502-709-6001. 


   • Kentuckiana Rentals, Inc. does not provide furnished refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens,
      washers or dryers. Tenant may furnish their own and take them when they move. 


      o Tenant bears all costs for repairs to their appliances, including the costs to repair damage to the
         rental property that may occur from a faulty appliance. This would include paying for replacement
         flooring or drywall that was damaged by any kind of water leak. 


    • Some Kentuckiana Rentals units already have company-furnished appliances. For those that do,
       the Company will continue to maintain and service the appliances until their end of life. At the end
       of life, the Tenant must provide their own replacement appliance.

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